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4 of the Best Scottish Porridges Worthy of a Golden Spurtle


This week, we are celebrating the 24th Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships, which is taking place in the Scottish Highlands village of Carrbridge. The oaty cook-off draws competitors from across the globe to compete for the coveted Golden Spurtle trophy and title of “World Porridge Making Champion". We deliver some of Scotland's finest oats to porridge connoisseurs worldwide, so we've put together 4 of our best Scottish Porridges worthy of a golden spurtle here:

1. Medium Organic Oatmeal by Golspie Mill, Sutherland

Golspie Mill's ever-popular medium-ground oatmeal is makes traditional porridge perfection. Die-hard fans for this Scottish porridge rave about its nutty texture and complex flavour profiles. It's also fantastic toasted to make Cranachan, and makes most crumbly oatcakes.

Medium Organic Oatmeal by Golspie Mill Online

Based in Sutherland in the north of Scotland, Golspie Mill is one of very few traditional water-powered mills remaining in production in Scotland. Built in 1863 as an estate meal mill, it was fully restored in 1992 and has been producing specialist meals and flours using traditional methods (and renewable energy!) ever since. Many of their products are organic and wholesome and all of them are entirely free from additives and made with pure, milled whole grains and pulses. Golspie Mill is also a member of the Traditional Corn Millers Guild, a guild of artisan millers, open only to those using traditional methods to produce flours and meals. Golspie Mill is also the home of another classic Scottish breakfast, Peasemeal, one of Slow Food's protected foods.

2. Porridge Oats by Aberfeldy Oatmeal, Angus

Made using locally grown Scottish oats and milled by age-old methods, Aberfeldy Oatmeal's quality shines through. We handpicked Aberfeldy Oatmeal's porridge oats first and foremost it was the flavour. Aberfeldy Oatmeal has distinctive nutty characteristics both in texture and flavour, because of this, their oatmeal is very unique.

Aberfeldy Porridge Oats Online

When Aberfeldy Oatmeal’s original owners decided to retire and close the company for good, an Angus based farmer, Sandy Gray, who had sold their oatmeal for decades in his farm shop decided that he could not let this happen. He bought the company and continued to use locally grown and milled Scottish oats to supply his loyal regulars with Aberfeldy Oatmeal. Because of Sandy’s dedication to re-invigorating traditional local products, we were keen to support and promote his wonderful product.

3. Organic Oats by Eden Valley, The Borders

If smooth creamy porridges are more your cup of tea, then newcomer, Eden Valley's organic oats are for you. They make their organic oats from pinhead oats, which are steamed to partially cook them and then rolled to make a smaller flake. These cook quicker than jumbo oats and give a smoother textured porridge.

Eden Valley Organic Oats Online

Eden Valley Oats have been farming oats for over 30 years on their family farm near Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Their organic oats are grown with care in a beautiful location and taste fantastic. Eden Valley's organic approach helps nature thrive as well as their oats. We love that Eden Valley Oats are fully in control of the certified supply chain. It takes 6 months to grow the oats in their fields, then they harvest them and take them to the local mill. The quality of our unique oat products is not just down to the idyllic growing conditions, but also depends on the skill of the millers, who have perfected their craft over the years. Eden Valley Oats have been working with them since their very first crop.

4. Gluten-free Organic Oatmeal of Alford, Aberdeenshire

Alford's award winning gluten free porridge is made with 100% pure Scottish oats. The oats are grown and harvested on the family farm in Aberdeenshire and milled at Montgarrie Mill before every batch is rigorously gluten free tested to ensure they are complete safe for coeliacs. Their traditional methods of milling give the oats a wonderful nutty flavour.

Gluten Free Oats by Oatmeal of Alford Online

One of the oldest working watermills in Scotland, Montgarrie Mill is the home of Oatmeal of Alford. The Medlock family grow the oats on the family farm at Mains of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk which is a fully organic farm. Oats have always been the main crop, however, nowadays; this is shared with free range chickens and a rotation of potatoes, wheat and grass. Their oats are then dried and graded on the farm before being delivered to Montgarrie Mill, where the oats are turned into a very traditional product. Many mills were set up by monasteries and local lairds, and run on their behalf by artisan millers. In fact, the base course of the current mill at Montgarrie is actually part of a previous mill that dates back to Jacobite times, although legend has it that there’s been a mill on the Esset burn since the Bishop of Aberdeen built one in 1317.

All of the exceptional Scottish porridges are available for worldwide delivery through Fresh Food Express.

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