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Native Shetland Lamb (PDO)

Native Shetland Lamb available for home delivery through Fresh Food Express

Shetland Lamb (PDO) is one of the jewels in the crown of iconic Scottish produce because of the origins of the breed and because it has evolved to thrive in the Shetland environment. The Shetland breed of sheep is only half the size of many of the UK’s other breeds. With Shetland Lamb the butcher starts with just 8kg - 14kg compared to the 17kg - 22kg size that is normal for most of the breeds of lamb sold in the UK.

Meet the Producer

We source our native Shetland lambs from Richard Briggs' farm at Cuckron, Stromfirth, Weisdale, Shetland. Sheep farmer and supporter of the Slow Food Movement, Richard's lambs come from pure bred Shetland flocks raised on the isles. They are processed and packed by the local cooperative, Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in Shetland.

Shetland Hill Lamb

Shetland Hill Lamb comes from Richard's flock that live more extensively on the open hill at East Kame. Richard believes that the best flavour of Shetland lamb comes from animals that graze the natural Shetland plants and grasses.

Shetland Seaweed Lamb

Shetland seaweed lamb is the most celebrated version of Shetland lamb. The name has been formally adopted by Shetland Livestock Marketing Group to describe lamb from flocks that normally have access to sea shore and are hefted to graze amongst the ebb.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

In recognition of the different characteristics of the meat, the distinctive red and yellow PDO symbol has been awarded to Shetland Lamb that is less than 12 months old and produced as well as slaughtered in Shetland. Other British products so honoured are Cornish Clotted Cream and Stilton Blue Cheese. Look out for the logo on the front of packaging. The EU Geographical Indication symbol assures customers of the genuineness of the product’s origin.


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