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Hebridean Lamb & Mutton

Highly Sought After, 100% Traceable Scottish Lamb & Mutton

We source our Herbridean lamb and mutton from Borland Farm in the Angus Glens. Our native breed are reared outdoors all year round without prophylactic chemicals or intensive practices, in a gentle and extensive manner. Their unselective grazing and foraging habits are acknowledged by conservation authorities to enhance the flora on hill ground and therefore improve the habitat for wildlife.

Borland Farm's Herbridean lamb have been raised in a traditional manner and have had a guaranteed quality of life. They have been allowed to develop and grow at a rate dictated by nature and the environment

Hebridean sheep, like the wee black cattle of the Highlands (Highland cattle), were numerous in Scotland prior to 1750. However, they were small and thrived on poor grazing conditions. The meat was sweet, but their high butterfat content milk and fine fleeces resulted in them being kept by the Highlanders for their milk and wool rather than their meat.

Naturally reared free range Herbridean lamb

The highland clearances and introduction of larger sheep breeds, such as cheviot and black-faced led to the near demise of these wonderful sheep. Hebridean sheep are unusually multi-horned, a distinct characteristic that probably saved them from extinction.

The last survivors in the Hebrides were on the island of Uist from which some were taken to Windermere in Cumberland around the 1880s. From there they spread to other stately homes. In this way their survival has largely paralleled that of Highland cattle. The Borland flock has been built around Hebrideans from one such stately home, Harewood House with others from Uist and the island of Lewis.

Borland Farm are dedicated to maintaining their flock of Hebridean sheep to prevent this minority breed from dying out. You can support their efforts by buying their exceptional lamb.

Hebridean lamb has a unique and distinct flavour making it highly sought after. Their shepherd commented on eating it for the first time “I grew up eating heather reared west coast lamb, this Hebridean blows it away, what a taste!”.

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