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Outdoor Reared Scottish Pork from The Hatton Hogs

Breed: Duroc and Landrace crossed with Large White

Duroc is a breed of pig which is very well adapted. A thick winter coat keeps it warm through the wet, icy Scottish winter and then moults off, leaving the pig looking quite bold, but ready for summer! An ideal candidate for outdoor breeding, it produces succulent and tender pork. Hatton Hogs have crossed their Duroc pigs with the Large White, the most popular pig breed to produce an exceptional product.

Producer: Hatton Hogs in Angus, Scotland

All of The Hatton Hogs pigs are bred and outdoor reared at The Hatton Farm in Angus in the North East of Scotland.The Hatton farm is a 750 sow outdoor unit run by the Batchelor family, who have been rearing pigs for generations.

The welfare of their pigs is paramount to the Batchelor family so much so that they are heavily involved in a ground-breaking welfare-focused initiative led by the Scottish SPCA and Quality Meat Scotland. This voluntary scheme involves rigorous inspections by the SSPCA to ensure that the strict quality assurance, that underpins Scottish pig production and the high welfare standards, are consistently maintained.

Local produce champion, Jimmy Doherty recently visited The Hatton Farm as he was so impressed with the Batchelor family's high welfare approach to pork production. Jimmy is on a mission to demonstrate how simple, healthy and versatile pork is, especially to younger consumers.

All pigs from The Hatton Farm have an extremely high quality of life:

  • Grow slowly, for up to 300 days on the farm.
  • Bedded on loose straw grown on the farm.
  • Fed barley which is grown on the farm.
  • Have regular visits from the vet and SSPCA inspectors, ensure that every stage of their pig husbandry and animal welfare is to the highest level.
  • The Hatton Farm transport their animals by themselves on the short journey to the local abattoir to ensure stress is kept to an absolute minimum.

Butchery: Fleming Expert Butcher of The Hatton Farm Pork

Having produced their high welfare, quality pork for generations, the Batchelor family were keen to find an outlet where they could have complete traceability of their product from farm to fork. So in late 2014, Guthrie Batchelor and father Mark Batchelor took ownership of legendary Fleming butchery in Arbroath, Angus, when the Fleming family retired.

Back in 1925, Charles G Fleming established his butchery in Arbroath in Angus, which gained a reputation as one of Scotland’s finest butchers, using quality local produce. The home of the famous Fleming steak pie, the butchery has an appealingly old-fashioned feel with their dedicated butchers demonstrating expert traditional skills that have been passed down through the generations.

If you are looking for high welfare Scottish pork with complete animal traceability from farm to fork, The Hatton Farm pork is the one for you!

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