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JUST IN: Scottish Boer Goat Meat, Kid Goat Meat, Shoulder on the Bone, 1.2kg, Serves 6

Myreside Farms, Price per Kilo: £28, Free Range
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JUST IN: Scottish Boer Goat Meat, Shoulder on the Bone, 1.2kg, Serves 6

From Myreside Farms, Home of Fresh Food Express

Born, Raised & Butchered in Scotland

Premium goat meat from high welfare pasture fed Boer goats from Angus, Scotland.

Exceptionally nutritious prime meat from a breed of goat reared specifically for meat.

Our extra lean Scottish Boer Goat meat has fewer calories than beef, pork, lamb or even chicken.

From free range Scottish Boer kid goats culled at 6 - 9 months.

Born, raised and butchering in Scotland. 100% Traceability Guaranteed.

Dry aged for a minimum of 7 days. Processed and butchered with artisan farm-based abattoir, Downfield Farm in Cupar, Fife, Scotland, who are specialising in Boer goat processed

Storage & Prep

Approx 1.2kg serves 6.

Our Scottish Boer Goat meat is supplied frozen.

This product is supplied raw, packaged in a vacuum pack.

Suitable for Home Freezing.

Tips for Cooking Goat Meat from The Guardian

What does goat meat taste like?

While the UK may have embraced goats’ cheese, we seem less keen on the meat. It has a reputation for tasting gamey (it isn’t – in fact it actually tastes a lot like beef) and we are convinced that it will be tough and stringy (not if you treat it properly). Yet in India, southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia – most of the rest of the world, in fact – goat meat has always been popular.

How do I cook goat meat?

While lamb and goats are both ovine, the mistake is in treating goat meat as you would lamb. Since goat meat is lean, with little fat, it will toughen up if cooked at high temperatures without moisture. Don’t treat goat like lamb and serve it rare. It should be cooked thoroughly otherwise it will be tough and unappetising. Goat benefits from long, slow cooking in order to break down the collagen in the meat. However, goat meat does work beautifully with big, bold flavours, so it is worth experimenting with Middle Eastern or Indian flavours.

Chops: can be marinated and then briefly pan-fried or baked in the oven
Cubed meat: can be stewed (both on or off the bone). West Indian curry goat is a classic goat stew. But if curry isn’t your thing, try an Italian-style ragu or Middle Eastern tagine
Legs: Slow roast in marinade with herbs and liquid such as wine, cider or lemon juice.
Leg steaks: Marinate in wine or yoghurt
fried or grilled and sliced into medallions
Shoulder: sprinkled with lemon juice and wrapped in parchment and then in kitchen foil (to keep in the moisture) and then slow-roasted

Meet the Producer: Myreside Farms, Angus, Home of Fresh Food Express

Our Scottish Boer Goat meat is produced by farmer Neil McEwan of Myreside Farms, Inverkeilor, Angus in Scotland. Since the early 1900s, Neil's family have been farming mostly arable crops, and cattle, specifically Aberdeen Angus. In Oct 2016, Neil decided to diversify into South African Boer goats, mainly because he fell in love with the breed and was looking adopt a more sustainable, mixed approach to farming.

As part of Neil's new approach on the farm, which includes growing niche products such as asparagus and honeyberries, Neil wanted to introduce ethically reared livestock to complete his agrarian system. After lots of research, he opted for South African Boer Goats, a breed developed specifically for meat production. His flock of Boer goats are free range and naturally forage on grass and shrubs on his fertile, coastal land near Lunan Bay in Angus. Boer goats like luxury of a warm shelter in the evenings, so all of Neil's goats have their own custom-made shelter which they can come and go as they please all the time. Neil is currently working with world renowned Boer goat experts, Geof and Celia Burnett-Smith, who are sharing their wealth of expertise to ensure highest standards of Boer goat welfare and husbandry, and that ultimately create the best quality Scottish Boer meat. Jillian McEwan, Neil's wife has runs Fresh Food Express, an online marketplace for small producers from Scotland to promote and deliver their ethically sourced farm produce.

Fresh Food Express is delighted to offer Myreside Farms' premium Scottish Boer Goat Meat to our customers UK wide.

Preference :
Free RangeHigh Welfare
Myreside Farms
Scottish Food From:
  • Dundee & Angus

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