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North Ronaldsay Mutton from Orkney

North Ronaldsay Orkney Mutton is OUT OF STOCK at the moment. You can Pre-order by contacting us on:
Tel: 01241 830693

This could be the last chance that you have to taste this highly prized, rare breed meat....

This breed of sheep is close to extinction due to the depopulation of Orkney, reducing the numbers of people who are keeping the sheep. Furthermore, the sea dykes that ensure the sheep remain on the shore and can't mix with other breeds have been severely storm damaged and there is limited manpower available on the island to fix these important boundaries.

North Ronaldsay Mutton from Orkney

The latest challenge for the North Ronaldsay crofters is the imminent closure of the only abattoir on Orkney. With all these factors stacked against them the numbers of crofters keeping the North Ronaldsay sheep have reduced dramatically. With these constant challenges, rearing these special sheep is becoming more and more unsustainable for the crofters.

This is were we come in. We are working with crofters to showcase their delicious mutton via Fresh Food Express. You benefit from enjoying some of the world's most highly prized rare breed meat, and the crofters benefit financially which secures the breed for the next few years.

Unusually this is the perfect time to enjoy North Ronaldsay mutton as the sheep are in peak condition as they gorge on the abundant seaweed during the winter. Stormy weather rips the fresh seaweed banks onto the foreshore where the North Ronaldsay happily devour it throughout October to March. During the summer months, the sheep are leaner due to the lack of seaweed on the shore. This is the opposite to other breeds which are typically fat in summer and leaner in the winter.

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