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Hand Dived Scallops, Live Scottish (Sorry! Not available for 2-day delivery customers)

Andy Duncan, Wild
Out of stock

Scallop Shipping Information:

Local Postcodes: Thursday Deliveries Only

Standard Postcodes: Friday Deliveries Only

Rural Postcodes: Not Available at the moment.

Scottish Hand Dived Scallops, Live, Online,

Only Available for Deliveries on Fridays (via Parcelforce), or Thursdays (via our local delivery service)

Sustainable Scottish Seafood

Scallop Shipping Information:

Local Postcodes: Thursday Deliveries Only

Standard Postcodes: Friday Deliveries Only

Rural Postcodes: Not Available at the moment.

Harvested by hand off the coast of Argyll, Mull and Skye on the West Coast of Scotland by qualified scallop diver of 20 years, Andrew Duncan.

Our scallops thrive in our Scottish icy waters giving rise to juicy plump discs of deliciously succulent, sweet white flesh and silky, apricot-hued scallop roe.

As with all fine seafood, our hand dived scallops are best served simply. Once you've shucked and cleaned your scallops, pat dry, brush with chilli oil and pan-fry quickly on a high heat.

Storage & Prep

All deliveries of scallops will be made between 8am - 12pm on Fridays via Parcelforce

Your hand dived scallops will arrive live and fresh in their shells in a separate insulated chill box.

Upon arrival, transfer the box with lid on, immediately into your fridge (4 degrees C or less).

Our hand dived scallops are best eaten straight away, or within 3 days of delivery.

Store in your refridgerator and pack with ice if possible.

As your scallops will arrive live and in their shells, you must shuck and clean upon arrival.

Watch this video on how to shuck and clean a scallop HERE

For home freezing, upon arrival first shuck the scallops from their shell, then place the scallops straight in the freezer. Consume within 3 months.

Select your box size:

6 per box

  • Pack size 6 medium sized scallops per box
  • Serves 2 as a starter of 3 scallops per adult.

12 per box

  • Pack size 12 medium sized scallops per box
  • Serves 4 as a starter of 3 scallops per adult.

Meet the Supplier: Andrew Duncan aka The Scallop Man

Our Scottish hand dived scallops are supplied by qualified scallop diver of 20 years, Andrew Duncan. Every week, Andrew heads out in his boat off the coast of Argyll to dive in the icy Scottish waters for scallops.

Andrew came across scallops for the first time when he was working on a salvage job on a contract dive. He took the pretty shelled molluscs back to his father, who was delighted with the find and urged his son to gather more on his next dive. But the harvest that Duncan and his friends returned with on their subsequent trip proved too bountiful, so his father took them to his friend, David Wilson, at the Peat Inn in Fife.

Wilson told Duncan that he wanted to have these fresh scallops every week and he thought many other restaurants in the area would too. And just like that, Duncan’s business was born. Duncan now supplies eateries up and down the country, from London to Fife and Pitlochry to Penzance, with bona fide hand dived scallops, all of which are delivered within a few hours of being caught.

You can now enjoy Scottish hand dived scallops delivered direct to your home via Fresh Food Express.

Preference :
Andy Duncan
Scottish Food From:
  • Argyll & The Islands

Next available delivery date:

Every Friday

Order by Midnight on Tuesday

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Order by Monday at 3pm and we'll deliver to rural addresses every Thursday.

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