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Poporopo Gourmet Popcorn

Poporopo is the first Gourmet popcorn company in Scotland. They use giant popcorn kernels combined with the finest quality ingredients to give your taste buds the best experience possible. The Poporopo kitchen is always filled with the smell of freshly popped corn! Its their aim to share their passion and create the best and wackiest flavours which, as they say is, the Poporopo Amaizing Popcorn way!

After months of attending sports venues, gigs and the cinema, bordeom crept in to the Poporopo palate as the same selection of crisps, sweet or salted popcorn appeared again and again. The natural step .... make their own snacks! And, the world of gourmet popcorn in Scotland began.

Nothing worth doing is a quick process so it took months to create a classic caramel coating that made the Poporopo team smile, and even longer to get additions such as peanut butter or Chilli & Lime to balance perfectly with the sweet caramel and fluffy popcorn. Once this perfect recipe was discovered, family and friends insisted on more and more and ... Poporopo was born!

The name Poporopo is a made up word but, it turns out that it is the Guatemalan word for popcorn. If you think about it it is the perfect name for a popcorn company that immitates the sound of corn freshly popping in a pan!

Poporopo is such a moreish snack and we are delighted to bring it to your door with UK wide delivery, online at Fresh Food Express

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