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Equal Exchange Nut Butters

Ethics & Philosophy

Based in Edinburgh, Equal Exchange is a workers co-operative, a company that is owned & controlled by its employees. In a nutshell, they promote an honest and equal exchange. You get the world's finest organic and fairtrade products, the farmer gets a better life and the environment is cared for too. It is a business founded on strong ethics and beliefs.

The business is dedicated to the promotion of Fairtrade and Organic production methods, ensuring a fair deal for farmers and the environment. The ethics (and politics) of food are not simple. Organic principles are sometimes at odds with the immediate needs of farmers whose livelihoods — and even survival — depend on their ability to sell crops on a competitive world market. This is where Equal Exchange step in and make sure that the farmer gets the best possible deal for his products... and we as consummers get an amazing product! Simple really!

Nuts about Peanut Butter

One of the many cooperatives supported by Eqaul Exchange is the Yishui Association, located in the Shandong province of the Chinese East Coast. They produce peanuts, amongst other crops like maize, sweet potatoes and wheat. These are small-scale farmers that lease a few plots on which to grow their crops. The cultivated fields are in a hilly area, 150-200 metres above sea level, and water erosion is a problem. To counteract this, terraces have been laid out and supported by rocks. In addition, trees were planted in and around the organic farmland. The hilltops are wooded or hedged which contributes to plant and animal diversity.

The peanut harvest starts mid-September and the peanuts are sorted, cleaned, stored and packed in their organic only processing factory.

The association received Fairtrade certification in 2009,, since when the farmers have enjoyed more independence and begun to improve their economic situation also. The peanuts produced by the Yishui Association can be found in the Equal Exchange range of Fairtrade and Organic Peanut Butters.

And now, Equal Exchange's Peanut Butter is available for UK wide delivery via Fresh Food Express

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