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Sacred Grounds Coffee Company

Think you know coffee. Think again.

For years, the multinational coffee corporations have been churned out near incinerated robusta beans which result in a bitter cup of coffee, which must be drowned in sugar and milk to make it palatable. And that's why we've been getting it so wrong when in comes to coffee.

Did you know that if you lightly roast coffee beans you can coax out a myriad of flavours so unbelievably complex it will turn the most staunch latte drinker into a black coffee drinker devotee?

This is where folks at Sacred Grounds Coffee Company come in. Jamie, head roaster with a little help from Fatima, his iconic mechanical roaster, harnessed his decades of expertise in "the golden roast" technique. This produces beans bursting with multifaceted flavours with a long lingering aftertaste.

Go on, I challenge you to try their coffee black and see what you have been missing all these years.

Respecting The Bean

Based in Arbroath, Sacred Grounds Coffee Company is an artisan coffee roaster specialising in roasting green coffee beans on a small scale but to a very high standard. And it is all in the name of ensuring you get the best possible cup of coffee! The small roastery is a new player on the coffee scene, but the team behind it are enthusiastic and committed to producing the best roasts possible, They understand the importance of roasting and respecting the coffee bean, acknowledging the 400+ man hours that go into growing, nurturing, harvesting and shipping the green bean ready to be roasted and then transformed into our daily cup of coffee. It's all about respect, a central philosophy of the business.

Sacred Once Ground

The team at Sacred Grounds Coffee Company source not only the highest quality green beans but they only use responsibly and ethically sourced beans. Seasonality plays a big part in this too so expect a changing variety of coffees throughout they year as the roasters select the best offerings available at any given time. That's great news for us as consumers as it means an ever changing palate of coffee to try throughout the seasons! Principles dear to Fresh Food Express are mirrored in the aims of this wee roastery with sustainability being of great importance to the Sacred Grounds team too. This covers all elements of the business, from packaging to donating the by-products of the roasting process to their local organic garden project. Single origin coffees as well as blends form the backbone of the business, roasted in such a way as to bring out the exceptional natural qualities that represent the coffee in question.. They roast using a 5kg Toper roaster, named Fatima to acknowledge her Turkish roots, who is very much a central part of the Sacred Grounds family!

Quality is very much the byword for the service and product being offered at this new wee roastery. To ensure the maximum freshness and taste possible, grinding the bean just before making your coffee is the way to go and is why the team at the roastery really do want people to get the best possible flavourful cup by freshly grinding their beans.. We can't argue with that! As they say, the coffee is "Sacred Once Ground" which makes perfect sense!

We love the philosophy behind this new business and it is why Sacred Grounds Coffee Company's coffee is available for UK wide delivery via Fresh Food Express.

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