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The Really Garlicky Company

It's Chic to Reek!

In 1999, husband and wife team, Glen and Gilli of Craggie Farm were traditional farmers who felt the need to diversify in order to safeguard their livelihoods. From their farm in foot of the Cawdor Hills in the Highlands of Scotland, after two years of garlic growning trials, the Really Garlicky Company was launched in 2001 and began selling at farmers markets.

In 2001 their crop was only 1.5 acres. Ten years, their crop grew to 30 acres! The garlic variety Porcelain Hardneck Garlic was ideal because it has a much sweeter flavour than more conventional grown varieties and suited their Highland climate. It also has large cloves and a skin which is easy to peel. Really Garlicky Garlic does not leave the bitter aftertaste consumers so often associate with garlic.

Really Garlicky Garlic is grown, packed and distributed direct from the farm hence giving us full traceability over the crop. Furthermore, the farm are members of the ‘Assured Produce’ scheme and ‘LEAF Marque’ the environmental scheme.

Over the years and several awards later, Gilli and Glen have expanded their range to include garlic butter, aioli and garlic bread to name a few. Their Garlicky Goodies are all made with British ingredients without additives or colourings. Even local produce champion, Rick Stein has given The Really Garlicky Company his seal of approval honoring Gilli and Glen with a Rick Stein Food Hero award!

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