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Meet the Producer: Angus & Oink

Fed Up with Bland Dull Food? Spice up meal times with these tangy tastebud tinglers from Angus & Oink, an exciting brand new food producer specialising in authentic hot and BBQ sauces.

Angus and Oink

Based in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland, the Angus and Oink team produce a range of fresh fiery condiments that are influenced heavily by their time living in South America.

Disillusioned with the lack of exciting hot sauces on their return to the UK, Angus & Oink set about making their own. Angus & Oink's love of all things Latino comes through in their taste bud tingling sauces and their ability to capture the tastes of South American grilled street food and smokehouse BBQ restaurants.

Their ethos is to deliver very tasty sauces that are as authentic as possible and want people to experience the flavours of the Americas beyond that, which is available currently on the shelves in UK supermarkets.

Angus & Oink's authentic premium sauces deliver on flavour with a kick. All of Angus & Oink's sauces are made in small batches, using only natural ingredients with no additives. They “do no negotiate with e-numbers, preservatives or colourings” and provide great tasting sauces that are naturally good and tasty for you.

These sauces are so versatile! Perfect with all meats. Ideal as a cerviche marinade on any fish. Suitable for Veggies, too.

Marinade. Smother. Dollop. Smear. Do what ever tickles your fancy!

All of Angus & Oink's Epic Sauces are available to buy online with express delivery at Fresh Food Express.


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