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EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

The connection with Scotland...

Olive groves are not something we usually associate with Scotland but, in this case, EVOO has a lovely connection with Scotland. In 2007, Kirkcaldy couple, Callum and Anne Marie Henderson bought a ramshackle property in Southern Spain. Callum and Anne Marie knew nothing about their attached olive groves until a neighbour appeared with their share of olive oil straight from the local cooperative. Several years on, and with a renovated house in the Andalucian hills, Callum is now a member of the local olive oil cooperative and sells his extra virgin olive oil throughout the UK. It really is a story of living a dream!

The house and olive groves are located in the countryside near the village of Algarinejo, Andalucia in the South of Spain. Algarinejo is located in the province of Granada, adjacent to Priego de Cordoba and Jaen. The area is dominated by steeply sloping, craggy mountains rising up above beautiful narrow valleys. The high rainfall, large temperature variations, high lime content of the soil and altitude (in excess of 600m above sea level) are ideal for growing great tasting olives.

Essentially, the whole area is covered by olive groves and the Henderson's circle of friends and neighbours is made up of olive farmers. They have a new appreciation of how much work and dedication is required to grow and harvest the olives and is the reason they became passionate about great tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Through working with their local co-operative, Callum and Anne Marie became involved with an initiative by the University of Cordoba to support small, traditional producers called Greenoliveoil. They are now the UK partner for their local cooperative which adds provenance and traceability to the product not to mention giving you peace of mind that the co-operative and farmers are getting a fair price.

EVOO's great tasting oils

In 2013, 8 of the best 10 Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world came from Spain: 6 of these came from Andalucía. We were certainly intrigued by this, and is one reason why we really wanted to work with Callum and Anne Marie here at Fresh Food Express. Not all Olive Oils are the same. Extra Virgin Oilve Oil is without doubt, the best olive oil. It is valued for its perfect balance in terms of flavour, aroma, colour, and acidity level. To be certified for the “Extra Virgin” Label, an olive oil should be produced by mechanical extraction methods (no chemicals or hot water applied), be from only the first cold-pressing, have an oleic acidity level of less than one percent and, of course, have a perfect taste.

Producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil using the traditional way is more time intensive and produces a lower yield, meaning it is therefore more expensive but this guarantees quality and flavour. Today, high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in the minority and is produced only by small family farms or small farmers’ co-operatives. EVOO's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is only from small, specialist producers or farmers co-operative and is a natural product, made with only the pure juice of the olive. It is rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants and free from any additives. It is 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nothing else.

EVOO's Orodeal oils are all produced by Callum and Anne Marie's local farmers' co-operative. It is a co-operative of 540 farmers covering less than 10 ha and has the Denomination of Origin as Poniente de Granada. The name comes from the Spanish for gold, which is Oro, and the area of production, Oro de Algarinejo - it essentially means gold from Algarinejo. It is an unfiltered oil and so may appear a bit cloudy... these olive particles simply contribute towards making Orodeal a deliciously tasting oil! What's not to love! We are excited by this product and know you will love it too!
Now EVOO, Extra Virgin OIive Oil, straight from Southern Spain, is available for UK wide delivery via Fresh Food Express!

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