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Sri Spice - Curry Kits

Scottish Lass, Thea Samuel has a genuine passion for everything Sri Lankan, so much so she launching her new Sri Lankan spice company, Sri Spice, in May 2015.

In 2007, Thea had the opportunity to live and work in Sri Lanka, the exotic island paradise of palm trees, friendly people, tropical waters … and incredible curries! It didn’t take long before she was enjoying a variety of curries for breakfast, lunch and dinner, many produced by Sri Lankan families. This gave her the opportunity to eat home-cooked meals as well as experimenting in her own kitchen. During this time she met her Sri Lankan husband who helped answer her endless questions about everything connected with Sri Lanka.

After returning to the UK, she continued cooking the Sri Lankan food she loves whilst making up her own recipes. She received such wonderful feedback from everyone who tasted her curries that, Sri Spice was born. She puts so much passion and love into her spice blends and she hopes you like them as much as she has enjoyed making them for you. We are convinced at Fresh Food Express and hope you enjoy experimenting with the Sri Lankan flavours as much as we have done!

Made with Passion

Thea washes and dries the rampe and curry leaves herself for maximum flavour – ready-dried leaves seem to have no flavour! She crushes the black and green cardamoms in a pestle and mortar to open them slightly before they are then added to the packet with the whole spices and leaves. The un-roasted curry powder is made by measuring, grinding and blending together the individual spices whilst the roasted curry powder is made by slowly roasting each ingredient separately, leaving it to cool a little and then finally grinding everything to a fine powder: All of this is time-consuming but worth the effort to ensure a superb tasting, and smelling product. The Sri Spice curry powders are then added together with the other ground spices such as turmeric, paprika, chilli and so on, depending on the recipe, with the dried chilli flakes being put into their own little packet to satisfy those who like it hot!

Unlike most other spice packets on the market Sri Spice packs contain real Ceylon Cinnamon (not the cheaper cassia bark). They like to use only the best quality ingredients.

The packets are then sealed in little bags and put into the foil lined pouches to ensure optimum freshness on arrival at your door.

All you need to do, then is open the bag, enjoy the fresh aroma and then follow the easy to use recipe card. Sri Spice curry powders and curry spice packs are carefully slow-roasted and blended by hand in small batches to give them that wonderful fresh taste of Sri Lanka.

The passion and commitment that go into producing the spice packs by Sri Spice is incredible...and the curries you can make with these are out of this world! You have to try these!

Now Thea's Sri Spice packs are available for UK wide delivery via Fresh Food Express!

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