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Ogilvy Potato Vodka

The story behind Ogilvy Potato Vodka is one of craft and graft, spuds and science, small-scale quality and big ideas.

The Jarron family, the folk behind the vodka, have farmed the land at Hatton of Ogilvy in Angus, Scotland since 1910. Cattle and crops have been raised throughout the family’s tenure and sustainability has been a crnerstone of farm life since the early days. People provide the farm’s pulse.

Graeme Jarron heads up Ogilvy’s operations, alongside wife Caroline; a fusion of rustic know-how and metropolitan chic that’s proved a fruitful mix. Keeping it in the family, Graeme’s father Eric still harvests our potatoes, which grow a stone’s throw from the farmhouse B&B run by his mother, Grace.

A big idea and a little science

The conceptual seed for Ogilvy potato vodka was sown some years ago amid thoughts of diversification and a desire to pursue something new. One winter’s night, Graeme started researching potato vodka, which eventually led to a call to the brewing and distilling boffins at Heriot-Watt University. Before too long, the Ogilvy Farm tattie trials were underway.

Thanks to the Jarron's potatoes’ prime qualities, and a lot of perseverance, distillery plans started to progress. In early 2014 building began in earnest, with Graeme insisting on digging the foundations himself. By summer the still house was complete, ready for its custom-built still from John Dore & Co (the world’s oldest still maker).

Now, after much toiling and testing, the perfect ending to the story is ready; let the labours of family hands fill a glass in yours with a special spirit that’s nurtured, distilled, bottled and bonded on one Scottish farm.

And now, Ogilvy Potato Vodka is avaiable for UK wide delivery via Fresh Food Express.

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