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Holy Grass Vodka, Dunnet Bay Distillers

Best known for their famous, award winning Rock Rose gin, Dunnet Bay Distillers are based in Caithness,the most northerly county of mainland Scotland. It is a beautiful place, with wide-open space, lovely beaches and a stunning coastline. Many of the botanicals that create the flavour profile within this gin are sourced locally and marry perfectly alongside some of the more traditional botanicals that create the characteristic flavour we know to be gin.

Locally they harvest Rhodiola rosea, perhaps more commonly known as rose root, which is a plant that grows in colder climes. Dunnet Bay Distillers use the root of the plant, which has the most wonderful rose aroma and adds a delicate floral note to the gin.

Also found locally is Sea Buckthorn, a silvery leafed shrub that grows along the coastline and produces clusters of vibrant orange berry-like fruit, soft, juicy and rich in oils. The fruit is highly celebrated for its high vitamin C content, around 15 times more than an orange! You'll find them in Rock Rose Gin for their taste, however – gorgeously fruity yet crisp (who said gin wasn't good for you?!).

And, brilliant red rowan berries bring a gorgeous and delicate flavour adding to the berryful taste of Rock Rose Gin. .

These marry beautifully with the more traditional botanicals like juniper berries blaeberries, cardamon, coriander seed and verbena to name but a few and which all blend together to produce Rock Rose Gin.

Holy Grass Vodka wins awards for a reason and we are delighted to be stocking it for UK wide delivery at Fresh Food Express.

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