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Porter's Gin Online, Aberdeen

Porter's Gin Online Free Uk Delivery

Conceived in a bar, this gin is the first gin to be distilled in Aberdeen for more than 100 years. Ben, Josh and Alex, the brains behind the gin, wanted to create a gin that tasted better than any other gin and that they'd chose to drink over other brands. They underestimated the challenge! Using their shared skills within the mixology, hospitality and business worlds, they aimed high and have created a subtly balanced, attractive flavour through their meticulous eye for detail and search for botanicals that brought individual flavours to the gin rather than just being on a listing.

Porter's Gin is named after Professor Andrew Porter of Aberdeen University who sourced the rotary evaporator they use in distillation. This incredible piece of distillation equipment allows distillation at cold temperatures, which has a huge impact on the flavour of a single botanical - the temperature of distillation and the way it has been prepared, dried or cut can impact highly on the flavour. They decided that the rotary evaporator was perfect for botanicals with lighter, fresher flavours, while the others were better distilled using a traditional copper pot still. The modern cold-distilled part of Porter's gin is made in Aberdeen, Scotland. Despite being a region with a rich heritage of spirits production, For the traditional part they worked with a UK distillery with over 250 years of experience in making gin, giving them the perfect fusion of old and new, allowing Porter's to respect tradition while innovating.

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