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The Scottish Fruit Company

The wonders of fruit...

Based in Portobello, just outside Edinburgh, Danya Caceres does wonderful things with foraged, locally grown fruit, turning it into delicious Scottish cordials, fruit drinks and fruit cheeses. The Scottish Fruit Company picks, trades and forages in fields, ancient and modern orchards, gardens and wild places so that we, as consumers, can discover Scotland’s natural fruit. From medieval varieties of pears to the prickliest brambles and rosehips, Scotland's fruit history is ripe with surprise and taste. Combined with the careful attention Danya has spent in developing and testing her recipes, she has created nutritious and mouthwatering products with the minimum of processing. She lets these wonderful fruits speak for themselves on the plate! The seasonality of Danya's business means that different flavours are available at different times of the year - a new, unusual treat is in store for you throughout the months, come rain, hail or shine.

Something a little different - the Fruit Cheese

The fruit cheeses produced by the Scottish Fruit Company are particularly special. They don’t contain any cheese but traditionally, were made to preserve fruit for eating throughout the bleak and barren winter months. By preserving ripe fruit with sugar, shaping it into a "cheese" round and then wrapping it before placing it in the larder to mature, a little taste of summer or autumn could be stored for those times when fruit was scarce. Today, fruit cheeses make a wonderful addition to any cheese board....or if you feel creative try serving them with meats, fish and poultry to add a little touch of je ne sais quoi!

And now, the Scottish Fruit Company hand-made, flavourful fruit cheeses and cordials are available for UK wide delivery through Fresh Food Express

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