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Meet the Producer: rora dairy

In 2017, dairy farmers, Jane and Bruce Mackie of Middleton of Rora farm near Peterhead in the North East of Scotland decided to diversify into producing natural yoghurt from their cows' milk, which they could sell direct to the consumer. They are passionate about creating a simple pure Scottish product which is gluten free, free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives and suitable for vegetarians.

Jane and Bruce have a pedigree herd of 250 cows is made up of mostly Holstein Friesian cows with some Jersey and Norwegian Reds, too. To increase their cow's happiness, rora dairy have also designed their milking shed to have direct access to the fields outside. Once a cow has been milked, the computer at the gate allows the cow to walk outside and enjoy a bit of grazing and Aberdeenshire sunshine. Designed around six core principles of air, light, water, rest, feed and space, their milking shed is run by robots which allow the cows the freedom to choose when they’re milked and enables them to wander into the milking areas by themselves.

Sustainability is key at rora dairy. They have solar panels and wind turbines which power the dairy. They have created wildlife corridors by leaving a 3 metre strip on either side of each ditch to enable wildlife to travel safely between the streams, rivers and woodlands. planted seven new woods and copses along with several kilometres of new hedges around the farm which Jane finds it very satisfying that they have become home to so many creatures including black birds, woodcock, corn bunting, thrush, roe deer, foxes and mice amongst others

rora's yogurts are made right on their farm. They only use non-homogenised milk direct from the dairy on the day of production. This means they can set to work straight away creating delicious yogurts. And, because the milk is pasteurised, it’s safe for everyone to enjoy. The only thing that is added is a touch of skimmed-milk powder, to give it some extra thickness, and live culture which helps turn the milk into yogurt.

We are delighted to offer rora dairy's natural yoghurt through Fresh Food Express for express UK delivery.

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