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Cheese by Wilsons of Westray Creamery

Jason and Nina Wilson, originally from South Africa, moved to the UK in 1998. They have moved about a bit but are now happily settled in Orkney, having a story to tell about how they found their new farm. In mid 2010 they decided that they really wanted to have a go at setting up their own farm, after years of running an managing other peoples. So they packed up everything they owned, bought an old caravan and a little 4x4 to tow it, and headed off with their four dogs in search of a new home...and they found Orkney.

Settling in Orkney

Orkney was the perfect fit - good soils, good climate, stunning scenery and a farmcentric community. After travelling the length and breadth of Britain, they were heart set on finding a farm near the sea, and they found it. After over a year of searching, Jason and Nina finally moved into their new home, Noltland Farm. Not only do they have their dream farm but they have the keys to the castle too - The farm lies directly opposite the 16th century Noltland Castle of which they are key holders!

They have worked hard to change the status of the farm from a beef farm back to a dairy farm. There are still echoes of the dairy in the old byres, but for the most part the busines plan is to modify the buildings quite considerably to change the focus back to dairy and to increase their new dairy herd of Ayrshire cows. This must be good as it means more cheese and yoghurt!

The Cheese

Jason and Nina focus on producing two cheeses and a natural yoghurt at the moment. They produce Westray Wife, a washed-rind matured cheese and Noltland Castle, a fresh cloth-hung or colander pressed cheese alongside their Natural Yoghurt, which is exactly that! They keep everything simple and put their heart and soul into every cheese they make. Jason and Nina farm organically and are certified with Demeter for their land animals and milk. Being a new business, their creamery (i.e. our cheese and yoghurt) is not yet officially organic certified but they plan to achieve this accreditation very soon.

Just the kind of producer we love here at Fresh Food Express!

We are delighted to offer the beautiful artisan cheeses from Westray available for UK wide distribution via Fresh Food Express.

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