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Goodfellow & Steven Bakery

Bread in the Bones!

Founded by David Goodfellow & Margaret Steven in the centre of Broughty Ferry in 1897, Goodfellow & Steven is one of Scotland’s longest established bakers. From early in the company’s history, it gained a reputation for very high standards in celebration cakes as well as bread, cakes and pastries. The bakery has remained a family owned business with the fourth generation currently ensuring that the Goodfellow & Steven name is one that is synonymous with quality.

Being a family-owned bakery means that care and attention go into producing every baked good that leaves the bakery. The best ingredients are used and traditional methods employed to bake everything from birthday cakes to more traditional Scottish styles of cake, like the Black Bun and the Dundee Cake.

The Iconic Dundee Cake

Goodfellow and Steven are leading the way in protecting the identity of the famous Dundee Cake by campaiging to gain this fruit laden, almond topped cake protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status from the European Commission (EC). This would prevent this iconic confection being produced and sold under the Dundee Cake label anywhere else in Europe, as is the case already for the Arbroath Smokie and Scotch whisky.

Dundee cake was first mass-produced by local marmalade maker Keiller’s and traditionally contains candied peel, sultanas and almonds. Over the decades, the recipe has changed and, as Marttin Goodfellow, of Goodfellow & Steven, says “ ... has become so far removed from its roots that it has almost become a catch-all term for any fruit cake with peel and almonds in it. That is not the origin of the cake, nor is it the way it has been made in the city for over 100 years.It is time we took back what is our own.”

Dundee Cake is easily recognisable by its' distinctive pattern of whole, blanched almonds decorating the cake. It should be light and buttery, containing sultanas, almonds, Amontillado sherry and candied orange peel. The cake is made by the creaming method, using about 25 per cent more flour than similar recipes. By the mid 1800s, the Keiller family, famous for making marmalade in Dundee, began producing a special cake as a non-seasonal addition to theit production schedule. The recipe later became established as Keiller’s Dundee Cake and has continued to be made in the traditional style by members of the Baker Trade of Dundee, of which Goodfellow and Steven is a member. .

The application for PGI status outlines the raw materials and volumes that must be used to make the cake and specifies that it must be mixed, baked and decorated with almonds in the Dundee-specific area. The consultation programe is ongoing but, we really hope the Dundee Cake gets the PGI status it so rightly deserves.

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