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Meet the Producer: Orkney Beremeal by Argo Barkery

The sweet taste of the Isles...

Beremeal is a special product. It is a creamy coloured ground flour that comes from a traditional grain called bere. Bere is an ancient and genetically pure variety of barley, grown in Scotland since around 2000BC but now grown only in the far north of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland and the Western Isles. It has an earthy, nutty flavour, is lower in gluten and historically has been used to bake bread, shortbread, biscuits and bannocks.

It is a grain that is becoming less and less popular commercially but, we love the flavour and are great believers that everyone should experience this amazing product. Beremeal is currently classified as an endangered food. This is why we are actively supporting the beremeal industry by stocking the biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread made using this beautifully flavoured flour. If you fancy something a little more unusual, try this!

Made to traditional recipes on the island of Orkney, Argo's Bakery, situated in Stromness, the second largest town in the archipelago of the Orkney Islands bakes these delicious morsels using beremeal. The bakery produces some of the finest bread, cakes and biscuits found in the Islands. They bake daily in the traditional ways of Orkney and using only the finest ingredients meaning these biscuits truly reflect the wholesome, tasty quality of this traditional flour. The baked beremeal are perfect for a cheese board, with butter or to simply enjoy as they are. Worth a wee sample we think!

Beremeal biscuits and oatcakes are now available for UK-wide delivery through Fresh Food Express online.

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